Hobbies Small Wood Projects
Hobbies Small Wood Projects

Hobbies Small Wood Projects


Small Wood Projects deals with some of the more manageable ideas to come out of Hobbies' Dereham, UK offices over the 70 years of its weekly publication run. Hobbies was essential reading in many lounges, parlours and living rooms up until its demise in 1965 producing literally thousands of projects for the home woodworker for consumption throughout the British Empire and beyond. Some of the projects are easily built, others are neither realistically achievable nor desirable.

All give a glimpse of what life was like in the households of the last century from decade to decade, reaching back to an age before television, plastics, power tools and superglue. Step back in time with Ammonite and build that adjustable ashtray, make your own deckchair, marvel at the kitchen furniture of the 20s.

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